Botties Slipper Soles


Totally new in 2023!! These very cool soles allow you to knit or crochet a slipper from the sole up, attaching to this sturdy weather-resistant sole, with a comfy felt insole. Includes 2 soles, special attaching thread, and felt insoles.

Making your own shoes has never been so easy, so convenient and so stylish! With Botties soles for DIY shoes you create your own handmade footwear in no time. Our numerous instructions will help you to sew, crochet or knit slippers and summer street shoes. The process is simple with basic handicraft skills, a standard sewing machine or crochet hook. In a few hours you can create your shoes easily whether you are a beginner or advanced crafter! Flashy and fancy or plain and simple? Let your creativity run wild!

Let's get #bottielicious!