Chicken Boots x Della Q DPN/Crochet Hook Case


The Chicken Boots x della Q collaboration is here! Chicken Boots, a beloved Northern California brand, made thoughtful and innovative project bags for knitters, crocheters, and makers alike. In 2021, during the height of the pandemic, Chicken Boots shuttered leaving a hole in the industry that has yet to be filled. A half a year in the making, Chicken Boots is back with the help of della Q selling eight of their best-selling bags. 

The reimagined DPN/Crochet Hook Case is a zippered carrier exclusively for double-point needles and crochet hooks with a built-in notions case on the outside! Two rows of eight pockets inside are varying widths to accommodate multiple sizes and amounts of needles and hooks. A see-through flap prevents slippery needles and hooks from sliding out of the case while a roomy, built-in zippered notions case on the back includes a small interior pocket for small items.