Festival of Fat Bear Fair Isle with Dana Class Wednesdays


Festival of Fat Bear Fair Isle Hats: Learn the tips and tricks of stranded and Fair Isle knitting with this 2 session workshop! Pick your favorite stranded knit hat from the Knitting the National Parks book (patterns also available individually on Ravelry) and work along with Fair Isle Fan Dana to make a fabulous hat! This is not a beginning knitting class. Participants must be comfortable with knitting and purling in the round, and must have made a hat before. 


Wednesday, September 27 and October 4 from 11-1 p.m.

$45 plus materials

Classes do not include materials unless otherwise indicated. Class fees are non refundable but can be used for future classes if student attends no class sessions. Any make up classes are strictly at the discretion of the instructor. Participants must use yarn purchased at Chattanooga Yarn Company in classes