Muud Heaven Project Bag


This gorgeous handmade gusseted leather bag zips open on both sides for maximum versatility. Four pockets sturdily sewn to each side are perfectly sized for hooks and needles, with space for interchangeable tips, DPNs, or crochet hooks. Open and zippered pockets inside make this bag even more useful, with space for accessories and interchangeable cords! With space inside for a small to medium project and extra yarn, it's compact but full featured. An adjustable shoulder strap lets you comfortably carry your new favorite project bag with you wherever you go! Lining Material: Cotton/polyester with a smooth surface for easy maintenance and an exterior of buttery premium hand-dyed leather.

Height: 15cm/7.3"
Width: 22cm/8.7"

• Pockets inside of the bag
• Inside pocket with zipper closure
• Authentic leather of the highest quality, which will last for years
• Lined: Smooth surface cotton/ polyester lining for easy maintenance
• Size: Height/ 15 cm - Length/ 22 cm
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Care instructions: Effekt clean and care

Due to the nature of real leather and the gradual fading process of the leather dye, this product will become more unique during wear. The article is made from natural leather with no finishing treatment, which makes it more sensitive to color transfer. It is advised not to wear light colored garments or use light colored materials in combination with this product as some color rub-off is to be expected.