Lykke Grove Bamboo 3.5" Interchangeable Needle Set


Lykke Grove Bamboo Interchangeable knitting needles are a classic, upgraded. You may have used bamboo and even loved bamboo in the past, but Lykke has made them better! With sharp points made sturdy by melamine impregnation, these bamboo needles will feel wonderful in your hands -- smooth and natural -- and still keep a sharp tip for easy knitting. This is the shorter 3.5" tips for knitting smaller items like hats or baby clothes but it's still wonderful for all your knitting projects.

Each Kit Contains:

9 pairs of interchangeable needle tips, US sizes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, & 10.5

Cords for 16" (x2), 20" (x1), 24" (x1)

2 connectors

4 keys

8 stoppers

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