Green Owl Farmacy

Skin & Bones Salve


Sticks & stones may break some bones! That’s why this product exists. Perfect for those dry, cracked winter cuticles and scaly hands, it’s also wonderful for small cuts and bruises. It speeds healing and keeps your hands as silky soft as your yarn! Made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients by our friends at Green Owl Farmacy, Dana keeps a big tin of it on her desk for papercuts, hangnails, and as an all around moisturizing and healing balm. 

2 oz tin. Refrigerate after opening

Ingredients: MCT oil from coconuts, white oak bark, comfrey root, mullein, black walnut hull, gravel root, wormwood, skullcap, slippery elm bark, beeswax, helichrysum essential oil, vitamin E2

for external use only, do not use on open wounds or broken skin.  A product of Green Owl Farmacy, LLC, Greenback, TN 37741