The Summer Doldrums

The Summer Doldrums

Jul 05, 2023Dana Chadwell

It’s no secret in the yarn industry that Summer can be SLOW in a yarn shop. People long to knit during the long, cold nights in front of a roaring fire. By contrast, Summer is jam packed full of activity, vacations, sports, kids home from school, and gardening, and a lot of people tend to sit their knitting and crochet aside for the hot months.

That presents a challenge to a yarn shop. We survive by selling yarn. If people aren’t attending to their yarncrafting for months at a time, we can’t make it.  It requires a critical mass of crafters who stick with their hobby year round to get through the lean months.

I don’t think it’s too “how the sausage is made” to let you all know how I keep you coming through the door. 

You may have already noticed some events. We’re having our Summer Sale right now (25% off an AMAZING selection of yarns!! Come check it out! Through July 8!). We had a Juniper Moon Farms trunk show featuring Cumulus yarn, already a shop favorite. We have a Della Q trunk show coming up (WATCH YOUR EMAILS! THIS ONE SHOULD BE PRETTY DARN COOL!). We’ve got a Berroco Yarn Tasting on the calendar so you can play with some Fall yarns and order anything you want (Watch your emails. This one will require registration and will fill up FAST).  

And I hope you’ve noticed that we now have a regularly scheduled Sit & Stitch on the 4th Tuesday of every month fro 4-7 p.m.  Bring a project and meet some new people! 

And classes! We’re about to drop a bunch of new classes for July and August. Everything from beginner to advanced levels of knitting and crochet to short, one-hour workshops on single techniques. Classes will be spread out throughout the week, with varying times to try and suit different schedules.

But the real linchpin in the whole operation is you. We want to lure you in with great projects that you want to make, yarns you’ll swoon over, class subjects that you want to learn, and fun events that help us all grow the CYC community of crafters.

As always, we’re listening, so feel free to drop by and let us know what kind of classes, events and yarns you’d like to see!

(featured photo is an adorable rainbow unicorn yarn bowl because I think it’s the cutest thing ever)

— Dana

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