Della Q Nora Wrist Bag


We absolutely love the simple convenience of the Della Q Nora Wrist Bag.  Perfect for a small project or one that is just getting started, you can easily knit or crochet on the go.  A wristlet perfect for crafting on the go. The Nora Wrist Bag snaps closed and slips easily over your wrist, allowing you to knit or crochet out of the main pocket. It can hold any small to medium-sized project. It’s lightweight and compact, making this a great bag or yarn bowl.

9" w x 14" h

Linen Collection:
Classy linen fabric on the outside with a contrasting color on the inside, Nora now opens with a snap closure on the handle, allowing easy access to the inside. A handy pocket was also added on the outside of the bag to safely store your pattern and notions.