Maori Wool Roving for Felting


3.5 oz/100g

MAORI WOOL FROM DHG OF ITALY * Ethically sourced from New Zealand sheep farms that adhere to strict animal welfare regulations. * Carefully selected for quality, then carded and dyed in Tuscany, Italy by the experts at DHG (Dying House Gallery) with Oeko-Tex approved dyes - safe for the environment, and safe for you! * Maori Wool (named after the aboriginal people of New Zealand) is semi-soft, 27 microns, and is a favorite for beginners and experts alike for quick and precise needle felting. Maori Wool is also excellent for wet felting. It takes dye well, which results in a wide and vibrant range of colors. Maori Wool is a blend of New Zealand wools created by DHG for the special needs of felting.