Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection Gratitude 5" Interchangeable Set


This Mindful Gratitude 5" Interchangeable Set is new and truly wonderful.  The needle tips are smooth stainless steel with sharp points for ease of knitting. The cords swivel to prevent any wrestling or tangling, so that your project always hangs straight down from your needles with no annoying loops in the cords. This is a comprehensive set of needles, complete with all the accessories you'll need for most projects. 

Packaged in a stunning signature turquoise fabric case, with color coordinated accessories. This set is incredibly practical and incredibly beautiful.

 Includes 14 pairs of 5" tips in sizes 2.5 through 17.

3 swivel cords and 3 fixed cords, to create circular lengths of 24", 32", and 40"

6 end caps

4 cord keys

cord connectors

needle gauge

darning needles

50 stitch markers

All packaged beautifully in a fabric case with floral motif, and zippered accessory pouch.