Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection Warmth 4" Interchangeable Set


The Mindful Warmth 4" Interchangeable set by Knitter's Pride is a stunning interchangeable set in the signature soothing turquoise of the Mindful Collection.  With sharp-pointed, stainless steel tips, your stitches will slide smoothly as you work them, and you'll find those tricky K3togs are no longer so difficult. Swivel cords prevent any looping or bunching and your knitting will hang straight down with no wrestling stiff cords. 4" tips will allow you to knit smaller circumference items such as hats and baby sweaters without stretching your knitting, but can easily be used to knit adult garments, afghans, and other larger scale items. Packaged in a beautiful fabric case, with a full range of color-coordinated accessories and notions in a coordinated zipper pouch.


13 pairs of 4" tips in sizes 2.5 through 15

3 swivel cords and 3 fixed cords, to create circular lengths of 16", 19", and 22"

6 end caps

4 cord keys

cord connectors

needle gauge

darning needles

50 stitch markers