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Neat Knitting Techniques: How To Create the Perfect Finish by Jo Shaw


Completing a project, only to discover irregular tension, untidy joins or a tight cast off can be disheartening and ruin the look of a knitted piece. Neat Knitting Techniques provides a toolkit of essential skills and solutions to common issues, helping you knit in a neater way.

Step-by-step photos, diagrams and straightforward instructions illustrate each technique, and three full knitting patterns encourage you to put your skills into practice. A useful cast-on toolkit, covering eight different methods and a cast-off toolkit of six different methods, covering different cast off positions and casting off in the round.

Making an accurate swatch; Different knitting styles; Selecting the best yarn for your project; Improving purl stitch problems; Shaping stitches and positioning; Fixing issues with knitting in the round; Working with multiple yarns, including managing ends and creating stripes; Creating perfect edges, including picking up and grafting; Weaving in ends; Finishing touches, including sewing up and blocking; Troubleshooting problems during and after knitting.