Celebrate Yourself!

Celebrate Yourself!

May 31, 2024Dana Chadwell

Next week is my 50th birthday (!!!), and I'm sure there are a few people out there who find it WILDLY inappropriate to make a big deal about MY OWN birthday.  

As women in society, we are supposed to wait for others to compliment us, quietly blush and respond that oh no, we don't deserve the praise.

Screw that.


Women do so much! We are expected to wear every hat, all at once, and do it all perfectly without complaint, and expect no praise as a result.  We're supposed to feed the world and live on crumbs.

We're done with that. 

I'm not willing to sit around and hope somebody remembers my birthday and does something nice about it. NOPE! I'm having a party.  I'm buying myself cake. I'm celebrating with everybody who walks in the door next week. You want to give me presents? I'll take 'em! 

I've been through A LOT these past few years. I've lost my two closest cousins, my father, and my brother.  I've had three different jobs. I've started a whole business, and survived an attempt to destroy it! I've got bats in my attic (literally, but probably also figuratively) and I'm still here!

I've SURVIVED! Look at me, right here, thriving! I'm celebrating every bit of it. And I'm dragging all of you into my celebration with me!

I've got a crazy good gift basket that I'll be giving away. I'm having flash sales. And we're ALL finishing out the week with a kick ass party on the river!

Saturday, June 8, at 7:00 I'll expect to see ALL of you at Ross's Landing with your knitting and crochet and whatever craft you want to bring. We're doing Worldwide Knit and Crochet In Public Day for the first time ever in Chattanooga and we are doing it right! Riverfront Nights is a free summer concert series. They'll have food and beverage vendors on site, you can bring chairs or blankets to sit on, you can even bring your own cooler! Two bands will play, and we'll do our crafting out in the community for all to see! 

What better way to celebrate my big FIVE OH! than with all my best crafty friends!?

So yes, I'm celebrating myself. And I hope that this little post reaches a few people who decide to do the same, and celebrate themselves.  We've all earned the right to have a little fun!

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