True Confessions of a Very Bad Knitter

True Confessions of a Very Bad Knitter

Jun 04, 2024Dana Chadwell

I'm not going to beat around the bush:  I don't like shawls.  

Please don't hate me.  I don't want to be expelled from the community by a posse of shawl-encased villagers carrying torches and pitchforks, absolutely encased in multicolored brioche lace stripes.

I don't wear them.  I never have.  I have trouble keeping them on, I never have the right shawl pin, they take just as long as a sweater and every bit as much yarn and I'D RATHER HAVE A SWEATER.

I know. It's apostasy. 

I love a nice long scarf as an accessory.  I wear hats when it's cold.  I think mittens are the most fun thing in the world to knit. Vests, cardigans pullovers, tank tops -- I love them all. 

But scarves? It's not my thing.  It's just not my thing. I enjoy the techniques. A garter tab cast on is a fun, fiddly little exercise.  Picking up along the edge of an I-cord is a hoot.  All those simple increases are fun.  But ARGH no I just want a sweater.

My yarn shop has a SHAMEFUL lack of shawls on display and it's totally my fault.  I've got a hundred sweaters getting swapped out regularly. I've got a giant box full of hats, cowls, scarves, mittens and assorted whatnot. But shawls? I've got like ten to my name.

But you know what? You're allowed to like what you like and follow your knitting muse where she takes you.  You can avoid techniques you think are irritating.  You can add sleeves or leave them off.  You can make a crewneck into a boatneck.  You can knit nothing but Grandmother's Favorite Washcloth for the rest of your life if you enjoy it. There is no Knitting Police, and that posse isn't coming for you.  


(Also if you'd like to knit some shawls for me or you have some that might work as shop models, reach out. We might be able to make a deal, as long as you can knit on gauge and follow a pattern)

Pictured is a gorgeous shawl that Mark, one of my awesome employees knit.  He likes shawls. He wears them as scarves and they look very dashing on him.  He's good at it. He enjoys it. 

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