Settling in . . . Sort of

Settling in . . . Sort of

Oct 27, 2022Dana Chadwell

Opening a business is no joke, y’all. We’ve been dialed up to 11 for a while now, and are just starting to get to the point where we can take a breath and look around. 

The good news is that gives us enough time to go looking for new and fun things.  We have gotten in lots of little kits — knit hats and scarves, Pom Pom Christmas garland, and adorable little Woobles crochet critter kits. They’re easy projects for beginners, gifts, or for those times when you just want to sit down and do something fast and easy.

I’m definitely learning that sometimes you don’t have the bandwidth to devote to a lot of complicated projects!

Bags, totes, and cases are something that I never get tired of. We are stocked up on Della Q Maker’s Canvas bags, needle cases, and assorted project bags, plus the luxurious leather of Muud bags, which are different than any knitting and crochet bags I’ve ever seen.

AND CLASSES! Everybody wants to know about classes and they’re getting started ASAP. Class offerings will build and expand over time, so don’t worry if you don’t see the class you want RIGHT NOW. I expect to have a full schedule of classes going every week by January 2023, so keep connected via email and social media to see what’s up every week. 

We’ll be scheduling our first sit & stitch sessions in November, which is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow crafters and get some inspiration from other peoples’ projects. We’ll be trying different times of day and days of the week, so if a certain time doesn’t work with your schedule, just drop us a note to tell us what time would work.  Can’t promise to accommodate every schedule, but we’ll do what we can.

As always, stay in touch and keep crafting!

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