The Philosophy of Returns

The Philosophy of Returns

Nov 07, 2022Dana Chadwell

A few people have asked why we don't accept returns or do exchanges. It's a simple answer: When I make a store policy, I base it on how I want to be treated as a customer. When I buy a *NEW THING* I want it to be new.

When yarn leaves the shop, we have no control over what happens to it. Fiber is a bit unique, in that it can go really wrong once it's out of our hands.  If somebody makes a tangle of a ball, it's easy to kind of stuff the mess down inside and disguise it. If somebody has a moth infestation in their home, that yarn can ruin an entire store full of yarn, or your entire stash if you buy it here after it has been returned then take it home. It can come back to us smelling like cigarettes or wet dogs or a trash can. I wouldn't want somebody's slightly used yarn without knowing it, and so I'm not comfortable selling it to you.

If I'm spending the money on an interchangeable needle set or a new needle or hook, I don't want to wonder if the person who returned it washes their hands regularly or had a cold while they were handling the tools I just bought. Interchageable sets have lots of accessories and the last thing I'd want is to resell a set that is missing something that didn't get returned properly.

We're happy to let you spend all the time you need to make up your mind about yarn. If you aren't certain if it will work for a pattern, ask for assistance! We'll make sure to give you good guidance. If you're not certain you can wind it properly, just ask us. If you aren't certain how much yarn you need, we're really good at helping you figure it out and making sure you get enough of one dye lot to finish your project.

With needles, we're happy to open a package and let you see and feel the needle or set. We've got lots of needles around the store for you to try. We'll go over how to put together interchangeables and the pros and cons of various kits. 

I'm always open to feedback on any policy, and anything that is defective I'll absolutely stand behind and remedy. But in thinking through this policy, I came down to how I want to be treated as a customer.

I want my new stuff to be new. 


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