Store Hours Change

Jan 12, 2023Dana Chadwell

Many of you have noticed that our store hours have changed. When we opened our shop, we negotiated our hours with our landlord to be in line with most other yarns shops in the region -- 10-5, Tuesday through Saturday. If you've shopped at a lot of yarn shops, you probably recognize those as "normal" yarn shop hours. It worked for us and we were happy with it. Alas, before the paint had dried on our *very expensive* signage, CBL (the owners of Northgate and Hamilton Place malls) decided to change mall hours and not even allow mall walkers in the building until 10:30, and not allow shops to open until 11:00 a.m.  

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it. Our hours were shortened and we weren't consulted. We aren't allowed to open the doors until 11. This changes our class times and takes away what was a very productive hour of our sales day, which we can't replace by adding an hour to the end of the day. Our experiments with staying open later have just resulted in us sitting in an empty store for an extra hour in the evening. 

I know this is not convenient for all of our customers, but there is literally absolutely nothing we can do to change it. We've done what we can to make sure everybody knows by posting it on our website, sending out emails, and posting to social media, but to those who didn't get the news and have found themselves standing outside a closed mall, I apologize. 

There are a lot of plusses to being located inside a mall: great parking and lighting, a low crime environment, accessibility, convenience, and a central location. But ultimately, we are under the control of landlords who do not seek input from local business when they make decisions that effect our customers. All we can do is apologize and ask for your patience with these changes. 

If there is absolutely no way you can come in during regular shop hours, please reach out to us. We can make arrangements if needed. 


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