We're hiring! Live the Dream!

We're hiring! Live the Dream!

Feb 06, 2023Dana Chadwell

Have you always wanted to work in a yarn shop? I know it's a dream for a lot of people, and I'm living it! Honestly, it's better than I ever imagined, but I could use a little help. I'm looking for experienced knitters and crocheters for fill in shop help, and for instructors.

Retail experience is a plus but absolutely not necessary if you're applying to work in the shop. Honestly, our systems are pretty easy to operate. A good understanding of yarn -- fibers, weight and gauge -- is a huge plus, as the most important thing you can do (other than make people feel welcome and loved) is helping match knitters and crocheters with patterns and yarns. 

Instructors MUST have an excellent understanding of gauge in their craft, whether it is knit or crochet. I'm open to all kinds of classes, and am willing to try out all kinds of options. I'd like to offer classes on beginning knitting and crocheting, specific project classes, knit alongs and crochet alongs, and specific technique workshops. I'm very open to offering classes in different crafts outside of knitting and crocheting.  I'm happy to collaborate with class development and publicity but I generally expect instructors to develop and manage their own classes.

Chattanooga Yarn Co is an inclusive, affirming environment. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or politics, but we do not allow divisive political discussions. We welcome and love the LGBTQIA community, we are trans-affirming, we do not allow discrimination against people with disabilities, we believe that black lives matter, we welcome immigrants, we believe that age is just a number, and we are actively striving to build a craft community that is a true community of all crafters. We love Chattanooga and want to always be a part of making it a happier, healthier, more equitable city.

If you think you might want to join this community, send a note of interest and a few words about yourself and your crafting to chattanoogayarnco@gmail.com.



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